Great Sailing Books and Stories

Sailing books

I want to share with you some books that changed my life thanks to the tips and tricks I learned from reading them. Like many of us, I started sailing without knowing what the heck I was doing and learned by trial and error. Today I can say without pretention that I am a decently experienced sailor and I owe a lot to these books.


Combining the author’s rich sailing experience with current references found on and off the internet, ancient maritime lore and intelligent educational tools, the 185 tips and techniques the book offers are enough to make it deserve a place on every self-respecting boater’s bookshelves.

The book quickly became my guide for each of my trips at sea and often was put to good use in times of need.

Divided into 13 chapters, John Jamieson’s book taught me everything I needed to know about marine charts and traditional navigation tools, how to read them, use them, interpret water depths and seabed characteristics, how to recognize danger warnings and symbols, so on and so forth. His book allowed me to understand how the winds work and their effect on the sails taught me the necessary techniques to control my ship in severely heavy weather or how to steer a boat in case of steering failure.

Thanks to Seamanship Secrets, I know the sea in all its states and to the last wave. Sailing has become a second nature for me, and my own experience coupled to John Jamieson’s guidance has brought me to the level of sailing I am today. I recommend this book to all sailors, experienced and amateurs.


Captain Joshua Slocum was an exceptional navigator and owner of the Spray, a 36-foot-9-inch oyster sloop with which he traveled around the world during a fantastic journey of 46,000 miles. In a much more romantic style than the previous book, even though it portrays the real exploits of Captain Slocum, “Sailing Alone Around the World” is a novel that will captivate all readers who love adventures at sea and dream of setting sails towards new horizons. The tale of the Captain’s adventures, issued from his logbook, is told in a series of episodes describing one part of his journey at a time and where his ship, The Spray, is the main character. The exciting and thrilling story welcomes the readers aboard and makes them relive the many perils met by the adventurer during his journey. We learn how he was confronted with sailing dangers such as storms, how he overcame loneliness and fatigue, how he escaped the menace of pirates and avoided being stranded or worse, sinking. “Sailing Alone Around the World” is a fantastic and inspiring book that I strongly recommend to all sailing aficionados.