Regatta favorite crew

Betting on Your Favorite Crew

WHY NOT BET ON YOUR FAVORITE REGATTA? Want to spice up the competition, support your favorite crew or kill two birds with one stone by betting on the team that is sure to win the race following a tip from a reliable source, while enjoying all sorts of entertainment provided by the regattas listed above and the many others held throughout the country? I understand you! See, I am a little of a gambler myself, and I often found myself in the situation where I wanted to wager money on a rowing or sailing competition without being able to do so on the spot. After missing several opportunities to enjoy a few winning bets, and especially wanting to avoid scammers that can be found every now and then on such events, I learned about how to bet real money when I deem it appropriate. Without having to...

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Sailboat race

British Regattas are Fantastic

When I am not sailing myself, I love to watch boat racing, commonly known as Regatta and participate in the many events that abound in the United Kingdom. Great Britain is home to plenty of Regattas that are great occasions to enjoy and share the love of sailing with friends and family in the fantastic festivals and events held around the country. Whether you want to compete with other participants, show off your ship, or just enjoy the sight of hundreds of boats dotting the river under the sun, not to mention the tons of activities, sports events, parties and fairs associated with them, regattas are as many promises to spend a memorable moment. As I said, there are hundreds of Regattas held in the U.K. every year and listing them all here represents a herculean feat that I am not willing to accomplish! What I propose,...

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